September 1st, 2014

I managed to take a quick trip to the 1675 grove this evening. Despite it being the first day of September, the forest was still warm and humid. All was quiet except for the unexpected treat of some coyotes howling in the distance. What a privilege to watch the sun’s final setting rays illuminate the grove’s super-canopy while the rest of the woods were cloaked in darkness.

Tree 109 has a 170.3 inch circumference. Note the scar running down the trunk, presumably a healed lightning strike. Also note my ridiculous safari hat.

IMG_2407-1-2A closer look at 109’s strike. I wonder what year it occurred.

Here Tree 109 is on my right and what I’m temporarily calling “The Broken Beast” is on my left. I couldn’t find the Beast’s numbered tag, but I measured the circumference of it’s snapped trunk at 188.8 inches. From a bit of web searching, I’ve learned that it apparently came down on July 17th, 2012, when a series of severe thunderstorms ripped through the area. Directly behind me is Tree 111 with a large basal scar on its northwestern side.

The body of The Broken Beast lies behind me. Like most downed mega pines I see, the base is hollow and rotting.

This tree sprouted a century before our nation was born. May it rest in peace for another.


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