Photographed one year ago yesterday in the Shawangunk Mountains, New York. This is one of my favorite trees!


An October’s Eve on Mount Van Ho

Van Hoevenberg Parnorama-1-3
It was cloudy and rainy on my hike up the mountain but I had some hope the sky might briefly open around sunset. A couple I met on their way down the trail just didn’t understand why I was going up to take photos in the rain, especially in the late evening. “This is when I get off work,” I said, “And I’m hoping for a window of open sky.” I could see the doubt in their faces. Continue reading

Pink Lady’s Slippers

These were some pink lady’s slippers I came across earlier in the Spring. They were part of a group of 11, two of which were the white form (one is in the background).
Pink Lady's Slippers
Photographed June 8th, 2014 in Debar Mountain Wild Forest, Adirondack Mountains, New York.

Tree 112

The 1675 Grove is one of the most magnificent old growth eastern white pine groves in the Adirondacks, and perhaps the world. The trees of this grove germinated somewhere around the year 1675 as determined by tree ring counts of fallen trunks. This is “Tree 112”. Note the recent lightning strike high up on the trunk. Perhaps someone has a more noble, less researchie name to suggest for this awe-inspiring tree?
Tree 112
Photographed October 2, 2014.