An October’s Eve on Mount Van Ho

Van Hoevenberg Parnorama-1-3
It was cloudy and rainy on my hike up the mountain but I had some hope the sky might briefly open around sunset. A couple I met on their way down the trail just didn’t understand why I was going up to take photos in the rain, especially in the late evening. “This is when I get off work,” I said, “And I’m hoping for a window of open sky.” I could see the doubt in their faces.

They had been on the mountain all afternoon in the rain. “How are you going to get back down in the dark?” the woman asked. I smiled and said I had a head lamp and that I enjoyed doing this kind of thing. They wished me the best and continued on.

When I made it to the top, there was no one else but me – exactly how I like it. I waited in the mist and clouds, socked in for about 45 minutes until sure enough, the sky began open! My gamble paid off! I frantically shot away with excitement until darkness came to the summit.

The hike back was a blast. I never used the headlamp, just relied on night vision the whole way down.

The Photos

Just to get that brief window of open sky on a rainy day was enough to make me ecstatic. The photo at the top of the page is a panorama of 14 different images merged together.

The valley in the picture is known as South Meadow, where the South Meadow and Klondike Brooks converge. In the background, partially shrouded in clouds are the famous Adirondack High Peaks.

Van Hoevenberg Parnorama-1-4
Here’s the same panorama, cropped to focus more on South Meadow.

South Meadow and the High Peaks
Same view but with my wide angle lens. A beaver pond is seen in the center right. (The trail actually passes by this pond).

South Meadow Brook
A closer look at South Meadow. The yellow trees on the flats are tamaracks, conifers that actually change colors and lose all their needles every fall.

Apsen Glow
One aspen’s late season flare.

These photographs were taken October 17th 2014 from Mount Van Hoevenberg, Adirondack Mountains, New York.


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