Exploring the McKenzie Mountain Wilderness

A few notes and highlights from yesterday’s jaunt through the McKenzie Mountain Wilderness:

Snow on the ground made for a happy dog!
Crazy Dog 1
Crazy Dog 2
Snow Dog
The Snow Dog

Only a single sugar maple tree was covered in this particularly mysterious lichen. What allowed it to grow only here?
Lichen Tree
The lichen was reminiscent of a cross between sea kelp and oak leaves.

While photographing lichen, the restless snow dog went to work on a beech branch.
Naomi 1
Naomi 2
Naomi 3

Past blowdown and ice storm damage was significant southeast of McKenzie Mountain.
Blowdown 2
Blowdown 1

A yellow birch with its shiny, shredded bark made an archway over the trail.
Yellow Birch 1
Yellow Birch 2

White-footed mouse tracks? Note the dragging tail.

Placid Lean-to
The Placid Lean-to

Inside the lean-to were scores of tiny tracks, perhaps those of a chipmunk.
Little Tracks

Wind-sheltered spruce and fir trees were coated with winter wonderland snow.
Snow Tree

There was no official sign for McKenzie Mountain at the trail junction . . .
Trail To

. . . only this engraved tree scar.
Carved Tree

But the trail itself was well marked.
Red Trail

We passed beneath a confusing tangle of yellow birch trunks.
Tangled Trunks 1
Tangled Trunks 2

An approaching warm front was heralded by a dense, gray, low-lying cloud.
A stitched panorama of the view from the side of McKenzie Mountain.

Scarface Mountain from McKenzie Mountain.


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