Temperature Swinging Insanity or Typical Adirondacks?

Well the snow of “Winter Storm Frona” has now been steadily falling for the last couple of hours. Sadly for snow lovers like me, the Weather Channel is telling us that it will be changing to rain, giving our current little snow pack quite a thaw.

But here’s what irks me (screenshot included for proof of the insanity):
Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 4.56.24 PM
A high of 45°F tomorrow followed by a low of -4°F on Monday. To boot, -22°F on Wednesday! That’s a difference of almost 70 degrees in 4 days! Bottom line, weather predictions up here change faster than the weather (I guarantee it’s already changed since taking the screenshot) BUT, if our snow pack doesn’t completely melt away, I have a feeling we’ll be skating on it later this week!


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