Kaaterskill Falls

The most famous waterfall in the Catskills.
Kaaterskill Falls
Photographed November 29th, 2014 in the Catskill Mountains, New York.


6 thoughts on “Kaaterskill Falls

  1. OK Mr. Ethan. Here are my comments. You have a terrific eye for capturing your subject. Also, your descriptions are so engaging and enhance the story you “tell” with your photo.

    Please consider creating a publication of your photos…perhaps theme related, because you create a very unique approach with the photos and stories, to provide the reader with such endearment to the subjects you photograph.


  2. That shot was amazing and I can assume nerve-racking to get since it must have been arduous to maneuver around all that snow and ice. Be careful!


    1. Thanks! It wasn’t so much nerve racking as just nerve numbing. I had to get some cold, wet feet for that shot. Things were safe from my location, but yes, extreme care is paramount when hiking near running water and cliffs in the winter!


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