A Loon, A Crayfish, and the Question of Gobies

A telephoto lens opens a new window to the world. At first glance, I only saw something was in this loon’s bill. But when I lifted my camera, I saw that a crayfish had made the menu for lunch!

I’ve read that in the North, a loon’s diet consists mainly of perch and sunfish, but when scarce, crustaceans, snails, leeches, and insect larvae will make the cut.

In recent years I’ve watched once abundant schools of yellow perch disappear from these waters, completely replaced by the invasive round goby fish. I don’t know how gobies taste to loons (based on their looks, I’m not encouraged) or how hard they are to catch (considering their darting speed, likely not easy). But watching this loon work to swallow its clawed and armored catch, I can only wonder.
Loon Eating Crayfish I
Loon Eating Crayfish II
Loon Eating Crayfish III
Photographed August 1st, 2015 in the Thousand Islands, Ontario, Canada.


3 thoughts on “A Loon, A Crayfish, and the Question of Gobies

  1. I find that photo w/the crayfish in the loon’s beck fascinating. However, I prefer the placid looking loon photo number 1 the one I’d hang up on the wall. Such a pacifist.


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