The Point Au Roche Green Ash

New York’s current State Champion green ash (Fraxinus pennsylvanica). (BIG for a green ash!)

Circumference: 146.1 inches (46.5 inches in diameter)
Height: 67 feet
Average Crown Spread: 55 feet
Total Points: 227

The Point Au Roche Green Ash 1
The Point Au Roche Green Ash 2
Photographed on Halloween, 2015 at Point Au Roche State Park, Clinton County New York.


The Bulbous Pine

A warm day in the Adirondacks. Perfect weather to visit a new friend.

The Bulbous Pine 1
“The Bulbous Pine”

The Bulbous Pine 2
Note the secondary trunk. Growths like these will always bloat the circumference of a tree.

The Bulbous Pine 3
Basal scar on opposite side, perhaps the result of a past forest fire. Wounds like these will also cause “circumference bloating.”

The Bulbous Pine 4
Measuring in at 156.1 inches in circumference (49.7 inches in diameter). The growth form of this pine would be considered non-typical, but absolutely impressive nonetheless!

Photographed and measured today in the McKenzie Mountain Wilderness, Adirondack Park, New York.

Magnificent Cedars

Two immense northern white cedars found in the McKenzie Mountain Wilderness. The left tree has a diameter of 31.5 inches and the right tree, 37.5. These individuals are unusually massive for the northeastern United States.
Two Giant Cedars
Photographed and measured today, November 8th, 2015 in the McKenzie Mountain Wilderness, Adirondack Park, New York.