The Point Au Roche Green Ash

New York’s current State Champion green ash (Fraxinus pennsylvanica). (BIG for a green ash!)

Circumference: 146.1 inches (46.5 inches in diameter)
Height: 67 feet
Average Crown Spread: 55 feet
Total Points: 227

The Point Au Roche Green Ash 1
The Point Au Roche Green Ash 2
Photographed on Halloween, 2015 at Point Au Roche State Park, Clinton County New York.


4 thoughts on “The Point Au Roche Green Ash

    1. Well, this tree is no stranger to company. It stands in an old farm pasture and was used as a fence post way back when (wire fencing and a hinge are still engulfed in its trunk). With livestock no longer resting beneath its branches, I’m sure a few new friends swinging on a tire would be a welcomed delight!


    1. Good question! Green ash can look almost identical to white ash and they often grow in similar places. When it comes down to it, you really have to geek out and study the tree’s twigs and buds (leaves just won’t cut it here). If the tree’s young twigs are velvety, and its older twigs have leaf scars with straight, upper edges, you’ve got yourself a green ash! (Celebratory dance encouraged). Obviously, some photographs or drawings showing these differences are in order. Stay tuned for a future blog post. Thanks for the inquiry!


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