Arctic Sunset

An arctic blast of frigid, dry air has brought subzero temperatures to the region, but along with it, clear skies and sunshine! Here we see the evening sun setting on Whiteface Mountain from Little Cherrypatch Pond. The air temperature was around 0°F.
Whiteface Mountain
Photographed this evening in the Adirondack Mountains, New York.


The Sacred One

January 4th, 2015

Dreary, rainy, gray weather the majority of the day, but a slight improvement late in the afternoon. I decided to hit the woods to fight off some Adirondack cabin fever. Not far from town I wandered up an unexplored (at least by me) hillside. My thermometer read 46°F, only confirming why the world around me was melting. I shot some dripping icicles under a ledge. The ground was still covered in snow, deep in some places, but becoming patchy in others.
Up above, clearly exposed to the elements was a magnificent, old white pine. It was gnarly, scarred, and full of character. One of its lower limbs, coated with green lichens laid broken at its base. It was freshly snapped. If I had to guess, the damage was done from a recent Nor’easter that hit the region December 9th -11th, downing trees with its heavy wet snow and ice. I measured the great pine’s diameter, carefully skirting around the short ledge it was growing from. 37.5 inches.
The Sacred One
As I photographed The Sacred One, the clouds began to break apart and quickly heralded in a gorgeous red sunset.
Cold temperatures are predicted for tonight. The saturated snow from today will be solid ice by tomorrow.

Photographs taken today in Saranac Lakes Wild Forest, Adirondack Mountains, New York.

Winter Panorama

Well the photo I posted yesterday of Mount Colden seemed to be quite popular so I’m sharing another one from that day. I mentioned in the original post that the photos were taken from an unnamed bluff in the Saranac Lakes Wild Forest. To get to the top required a short but challenging bushwhack up steep terrain and through dense balsam fir and spruce, but the view and solitude at the top was well worth the effort.

This image is a stitched panorama composed of 5 different photographs taken at sunset. The view includes the Sentinel Range to the left and the High Peaks to the right in the background.
Winter Panorama From an Unnamed Bluff
Photographed January 2nd, 2015 in the Adirondack Mountains, New York.

Temperature Swinging Insanity or Typical Adirondacks?

Well the snow of “Winter Storm Frona” has now been steadily falling for the last couple of hours. Sadly for snow lovers like me, the Weather Channel is telling us that it will be changing to rain, giving our current little snow pack quite a thaw.

But here’s what irks me (screenshot included for proof of the insanity):
Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 4.56.24 PM
A high of 45°F tomorrow followed by a low of -4°F on Monday. To boot, -22°F on Wednesday! That’s a difference of almost 70 degrees in 4 days! Bottom line, weather predictions up here change faster than the weather (I guarantee it’s already changed since taking the screenshot) BUT, if our snow pack doesn’t completely melt away, I have a feeling we’ll be skating on it later this week!